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There’s not much you can do at the moment in terms of finding cheaper energy prices. However, there are lots of things you can do to keep in control of your energy bills and save on other utility costs. Run through our handy New Year Utility Bill Health Check to make sure you're on top of everything:


1)    Submit your meter readings to get an up-to-date balance on your energy account. You could then also review whether your direct debit payments seem too low or too high.


2)    Download the mobile app for your energy company to keep an eye on your energy account and how much energy you are using.  


3)    Ask for a smart meter to keep your bills up-to-date and avoid shock bills. It will also help you to understand how much energy you use through the in-house monitor. Visit our FAQ page on smart meters for more information.


4)    Check your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to see how energy efficient your house is and what actions you could take to make it warmer. You can search for your EPC by postcode and address through the government's EPC public database. The law requiring an EPC to be produced every time a house is sold or rented out came in on 1st August 2007. As such, if you have lived in your house for more than 15 years and not accessed any energy efficiency grants then you may not have an EPC. 


5)    Sign up to the Priority Services Register if you have a child under 5, a pensioner in the home or someone with a health condition or disability. This will keep you safe if there is a powercut or disruption to your gas supply. Fill out a short form on the Northern Gas Networks website to sign up for gas and electric (use the partner code 006).


6)    Check the settings for your heating – make sure that the clock is correct, the thermostat is set between 18-21oC, and the timer is set according to when you are in and out of the house.


7)    Remind yourself of all the things that you can do around the house to save energy – don’t leave things on standby, part-fill the kettle, turn off lights in empty rooms and reduce the time spent in the shower. Visit the Energy Saving Trust for lots of energy saving tips.


8)    Investigate the schemes that could help reduce your water bills and also check whether a water meter could save you money. There is lots of useful information on the Yorkshire Water website on their social tariffs for low income households and grants that can help with water debts.


9)    Check if you are eligible for discounted prices on broadband or your home phone line if you receive certain benefits. You can find some useful information in the uswitch guide on 'broadband deals for low income families'


10)  Check the expiry date on your carbon monoxide alarm and buy a new one if it has expired. If you do not have an alarm, then buy one! Visit our webpage to find other tips on ways to keep safe from carbon monoxide