Data Services

We can produce interactive maps and visualisations of data and statistics that are relevant to your organisation which can help to:

  • Make data more user-friendly
  • Support funding applications
  • Provide evidence of need
  • Target resources
  • Save your time in finding the statistics you need
  • Present key messages to visitors to your website

What data can be mapped?

Data needs to be already available in the public domain as the final maps will be publicly available. The software can then map any data that is produced at a district, Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) or Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) level, or even for areas covered by different Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Examples may include data from the most recent census or statistics on health, housing, employment or socio-demographics.

Where would the final map or visualisation sit?

The final map would be hosted on a public website but a link can be provided or an embedding code should you want it to be viewed directly from your own website.

Do you have any examples?

Click here for examples from one of our projects that has mapped factors influencing the vulnerability of households to cold homes and fuel poverty.

How much does mapping cost?

It really depends on the complexity of the data maps you want but get in touch and we can discuss. We are a not-for-profit organisation ourselves so want to support the work of other third sector organisations by offering a cost effective service. We can have a chat whether you want some data mapped immediately or whether you want a quote to be included as part of a future funding application.