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We have had the last of our community advice events in the last few weeks where we have been giving talks or attending information days to give out information and advice on carbon monoxide, the signs, symptoms and what can be done to reduce the risks.

We attended the Waddiloves Health Centre client engagement event (picture on the left) and also the women's group at the Sangat Centre in Keighley. At the latter event we spoke to a group of 15 women and it was really interesting to see that whilst everyone had smoke alarms, no one had a carbon monoxide alarm. This pattern has been repeated across all of the groups we have attended.

It is not a legal requirement for landlords to fit carbon monoxide alarms unless there is an appliance capable of burning solid fuel, wood or coal. A lot of social landlords in Bradford seem to have fitted them but they seem much rarer in private rented or owner occupied homes.

A change to the law to require them in private rented homes would at least go some way to help or if the fire brigade could be supported with resources to enable them to fit them in the homes where there is some vulnerability - it would seem to make perfect sense when they are visiting these households anyway to fit smoke alarms.