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In addition to training up frontline staff on carbon monoxide we are also able to go out and give talks to groups of residents through this project.

So far we have visited the:

  •      St Edmund's Children's Centre as part of their home safety week
  •      Anand Milan Centre (left photo)
  •      Queensbury Well-Being Cafe
  •      West End Centre (right)

It has been obvious that whereas all households have smoke alarms, very few have carbon monoxide detectors. Indeed, at the St Edmunds session we found that not one of the 9 attendees had a CO alarm yet all had children under 5 years old.

At our awareness raising sessions we have been showing the video made by Stacey Rodgers through Project Shout which is really bringing home to people the risks of carbon monoxide, far better than anything I can say, it is a very powerful message. You can watch the video here: http://projectshout.com/real-life-stories/staceys-story/